Saturday, September 17, 2011

Foo Fighters Sing to Westboro in Counter-Protest

Westboro Baptist Church received a unique counter-protest Friday, a serenade from the Foo fighters in front of the Sprint Center in Kansas City, Mo.

Costitution Day 2011

On September 17th, 1787, 42 of the 55 delegates appointed to the Constitution Convention held their final meeting.  Only 1 item of business was on the agenda for that day, the signing of the Constitution of the United Sates of America.  Of the 42 delegates who attended the meeting that day, 39 actually signed the Constitution. Edmund Randolph and George Mason of Virginia and Elbridge Gerry of Massachusetts refused to sign due in part due to the lack of a bill of rights.

Ratification Time Line:
Saturday, September 15th, 1787 - Final draft ordered written
Monday, September 17th, 1787 - Final draft of the Constitution signed
Wednesday, September 19th, 1787 - Constitution is published in the Pennsylvania Packet
Friday, September 28th, 1787 - Congress approves the Constitution and sends it to the states
Friday, October 5th, 1787 - First Centinel Anti-Federalist letter published
Saturday, October 27th, 1787 - First Federalist Paper is published
Friday, December 7th, 1787 - Delaware ratifies Constitution
Wednesday, December 12th, 1787 - Pennsylvania ratifies Constitution
Tuesday, December 18th, 1787 - New Jersey ratifies Constitution
Wednesday, January 2nd, 1788 - Georgia ratifies Constitution
Wednesday, January 9th, 1788 - Connecticut ratifies Constitution
Wednesday, February, 6th, 1788 - Massachusetts ratifies Constitution
Monday, March 24th, 1788 - Rhode Island rejects Constitution
Monday, April 28th, 1788 - Maryland ratifies Constitution
Friday, May 23rd, 1788 - South Carolina ratifies Constitution
Wednesday, May 28th, 1788 - The Federalist published (Federalist Papers 1-85)
Saturday, June 21st, 1788 - New Hampshire ratifies Constitution
Saturday, June 21st, 1788 - Constitution Ratified
Wednesday, June 35th, 1788 - Virginia ratifies Constitution
Wednesday, July 2hd, 1788 - Congress is informed the Constitution has been ratified
Saturday, July 26th, 1788 - New York ratifies Constitution
Saturday, September 13th, 1788 - Congress votes to begin a new government on the following March 4
Wednesday, March 4th, 1789 - The Constitution goes into effect
Saturday, November 21st, 1789 - North Carolina ratifies Constitution
Saturday, May 29th, 1790 Rhode Island ratifies Constitution