Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Decline: The Geography of a Recession by LaToya Egwuekwe

According to the U.S. Department of Labor's Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are more than 28 million people currently unemployed -- that's including those involuntarily working part-time and those who want a job, but have given up on trying to find one. In the face of the worst economic upheaval since the Great Depression, millions of Americans are hurting. "The Decline: The Geography of a Recession," as created by labor writer LaToya Egwuekwe, serves as a vivid representation of just how much. Watch the deteriorating transformation of the U.S. economy from January 2007 -- approximately one year before the start of the recession -- to the most recent unemployment data available today. Original link: www.latoyaegwuekwe.com/geographyofareces­sion.html. For more information, email latoya.egwuekwe@yahoo.com

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

LSU Student Plans to Burn American Flag

LSU Student Reportedly Plans to Burn American Flag in Peaceful Campus Protest
Published May 10, 2011 | FoxNews.com
A student at Louisiana State University reportedly is planning to burn an American flag on campus Wednesday as part of a peaceful protest, the student newspaper reports. ...

Benjamin Hass, a communication studies graduate student, has reportedly followed university procedure in seeking clearance to host the flag-burning protest at noon on the Baton Rouge campus.
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Editorial Comment: Every court in the land that has ruled the various forms of expression as protected under the "Free Speech" clause of the 1st Amendment of the U.S. Constitution; are so far in out in left field, I don't even think they can see home plate.

The framers of the "Bill of Rights", specifically the 1st Amendment never intended to protect the expression of anger and hate as forms of political speech. Burning the flag of any nation, not just the American flag, is an expression of hate; and therefore was never intended to be protected speech.

It is long past time that someone in this nation interjected some restraint is the political discourse. The level of rhetoric and outrageous behavior have to be brought under control. This is not a Kindergarten Playground.